Get a Life Purpose Hand Analysis

(the quickest, easiest way – someone will TELL YOU!)

 You can have your Hands and Fingerprints analyzed by a hand analyst. Your life purpose was written in your soul before you were

Divine Destiny

born and is encoded in your unique fingerprints.   While the lines on your palms can change, your fingerprints don’t change because they are a map of your soul. And it is your soul and not your brain that carries and knows your soul’s life purpose. A hand analysis reading will de-code the information in your fingerprints. It reveals your unique life purpose, your assigned life lessons and challenges as well as your soul’s agenda while here in Earth University School for Souls. In addition there may be special gift markings in your hands that will be revealed.

(more info can be found HERE)

“Morning pages practice”  (this 6-8 week process changed my life!)

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is a key practice that will jump start revealing your life purpose and/or you can do this any time you want to re-invent yourself, or go to the next level – it’s easy and everyone can do it. It worked for me and it can work for you!

This is the first thing that got me on the road to knowing and living my soul’s life purpose.   It’s a chapter and practice taken from the book The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron
This practice is free and there’s the possibility that in 6-8 weeks your life can be vastly different from where you’re at now.

What you do is to get a lined notebook and each day in the morning before you get too busy, and your mind and body gets into high gear, you will be writing 3 pages a day stream of consciousness for 6- 8 weeks. It’s not a journal, not a diary – just write whatever comes to you:

Example: Last night I had a dream…I remember when I was a little girl etc, I can’t believe I have to write three pages

Just write and write until you come to the end of 3 pages. Don’t re-read it – just put it away until the next day and so on each day for the next 6-8 weeks.   If you skip a day that’s ok – keep going. If you skip a week – you’ll need to start again from the beginning. The key is to write your 3 pages a day, put it away and don’t re-read what you’ve written until the end of the six or ideally 8 weeks. At the end of the eight weeks that’s when you’ll re-read what you’ve written. You will learn much and you may even be amazed.

Helpful hint:

It’s really helpful to write long hand versus doing this on the computer. Your hands are holy and connected directly to your heart and soul. And as we’re learning our soul carries our life purpose and our book of life. By writing this way we are by-passing the brain and the ego and writing from the deeper part of ourselves that has the deeper knowing.

It worked for me!  After many years of varied corporate careers, and while living the high life in the big city, a friend suggested I do the “morning pages’ process which is one of the tools in the book The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron.  (the practice where you write 3 pages a day stream of consciousness for 6-8 weeks in the morning and then read back what you wrote at the end of the 8 weeks).

I was at the end of my rope and out of desperation – I tried the process.

At the end of the weeks I read back what I had written and there it was on the page!  I had written “I think I’m a healer, I want to find a spiritual teacher, I want a direct connection with God (no intermediary or middleman) and I want to live in Florida”     It was AMAZING!  The amazing thing was that when I was reading this (which I had written only 6-1/2 weeks earlier) I was now already living in Florida, I had by ‘coincidence’ stumbled upon and attended a spiritual workshop with a spiritual teacher, who introduced me to the sufi path (which is about having a direct connection with the Divine!)  and this teacher had a ‘healing school” that taught how to be a spiritual healer (now the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism).  It all manifested miraculously and effortlessly through connecting to my deep heart and soul where it is already written!

Open/Unveiling the SOUL- releasing the ‘not you” that opens your life purpose

Since our life purpose is written in our soul it helps to know our soul and to open our soul to the riches contained therein. The good news is – it’s free. The ‘bad’ news is ya gotta do the work, the practices, the meditation and the purification that your path or your life calls for.

If you’re alive and breathing you are walking a path. What I want to talk about here is about walking consciously – whether it’s through a formalized spiritual path or whether it’s making progress on your ‘life lessons’ by facing life fearlessly or by having ‘tool’s’ you use to work through the tough times that life sometimes hands us.

When we release our mis-beliefs, our wounds and our ‘not self’ our soul expands and we remember who we really are.  Our soul purpose expands and unfolds effortlessly
So what’s your spiritual practice or path? And are you walking it?

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