A Plan To Living Your Soul’s Divine Purpose

You may have heard before that no two sets of fingerprints are exactly alike. Along those same lines, no two Life Purpose action plans are exactly alike either.

Mary works privately with you to create and bring to life a plan that will work for you, based on your specific needs and goals. Get personalized support on every step of your Divine Soul Purpose journey.  And since we all have a different soul purpose to fulfill, all Breakthrough to Purpose coaching packages are customized to your needs.

FREE Initial Consultation: If you’re wondering if Breakthrough to Purpose coaching is for you, try it for free.

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(*The only requirement is that you have had a previous hand reading with Mary.)

your purpose is waiting….

Contact Mary at knowyour@onesoulpurpose.com now to learn how to go from knowing your purpose to LIVING IT!  

Here’s what people have shared:

“Thank you so much for our session today.  You helped me a lot.  
I felt like I was drowning…It helped so much to be reminded that I do have gifts.  It wasn’t just that you said it, it was that I could feel the Light when you spoke of these things and when you prayed.  Your container of Light helped me to feel the ‘trueness’ and helped me feel there is hope”   DM Acupuncturist
“Thank you for supporting me realize my vision and action plan – I can hardly recognize my life now that I am living what we put on paper two years ago!  I am now a full-time business owner, healer and living on the beach – everything that I dreamed and that you gave me the confidence and support to achieve.  I am forever grateful” SR,  Lymphatic therapist/solopreneur