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Are you ready to manifest your passion and purpose in the world NOW?

During this year long program you will transform the areas of your life that have not been an expression of your deepest potential. You’ll put the pieces in place for personal fulfillment , right livelihood and right relationships. You’ll begin to live the life you secretly know you’re meant to live. Your Divine Destiny is manifested in a way that brings you joy, happiness, holiness, health and freedom.

The program starts with a 3-1/2 day personally guided retreat at a beautiful Florida oceanside setting.

Giving yourself the gift of a retreat away from home and your daily routines allows you the time and space to focus on you. It’s a sacred time to listen to your heart and soul, remember your dreams and get in touch with your Divine Destiny as written in your soul and encoded in your very fingerprints!

During the retreat you will:

  • manifest-your-destinyReceive a Life Purpose Hand Analysis session in person with Mary Halima that will reveal your soul’s agenda, purpose, lessons & unique gifts as written in your soul before you were born
  • You’ll Ignite and feel your true passion.
  • Have time for Self-discovery exercises and journaling that put you in touch with your heart and soul
  • Learn self-healing tools that clear what’s in the way
  • Have Meditation time
  • Take walks on the beach
  • Receive healing sessions with Mary Halima that heal past wounds and expands your heart and soul
  • Enjoy exercises to help you embrace your gifts and purpose
  • Have sessions to vision a vehicle to express your purpose, gifts and mission in the world
  • Work with intimately with Mary Halima to create and leave with a customized coaching & healing plan of support for the remainder of the forthcoming year

Coaching & Healing Program for next 11 months

It takes time to make lasting change. You need support.

Mary Halima’s combination of coaching and healing skills will keep you on track and keep you moving forward. You’ll receive healing and clearing sessions for those times when you ‘hit the wall’ or stall.

When you commit to transforming your life through opening to your soul and soul’s purpose, it’s natural that your soul lessons, wounds and patterns will surface to be addressed. Whether it’s ‘lost self worth’, ‘not being seen’, ‘powerlessness’, or ‘receiving issues’, these soul lessons are the lessons you were assigned to support your soul purpose.

These soul lessons are the exact and perfect doorway you need to unfold your soul purpose exponentially and effortlessly! During the year you’ll be clearing your lessons and transforming them into gifts. You’ll be learning spiritual self- healing tools and techniques that will last you a lifetime. You’ll be following your soul blueprint, stretching your edge, re-inventing your life and creating a life that you love.

The coaching/healing program includes:

  • A customized plan agreed upon during your retreat time with Mary Halima
  • 3 coaching/healing sessions each month for 11 months to keep you moving, on track and to clear any obstacles along the way.
  • 15 minute check-ins as needed throughout
  • Mary Halima holding a container for your vision throughout the year. She also keeps you in her meditations and prayers. She holds the truth of who you are for you until you get it and stand in it yourself.


Mary Halima accepts only 5 clients each year for this intimate immersion program. There is an application and interview process. This process is a way for you and Mary Halima to discover if this program is right for you. She’ll be looking to see if it’s a good fit for both of you to work together

If you’re ready to make lasting change and live your soul’s purpose, mission and dream. Please fill out this application form. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up a personal interview with Mary Halima.

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