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  • What is a Life Purpose?

    Your life purpose sits in your soul. It’s your particular recipe of qualities and gifts and is as unique as your very fingerprints. It’s bigger than a career, however it can be expressed in the world through your work, life and relationships.

    How specific are the hand analysis readings?

    The hand analysis readings tell the story of you and your journey here. What most people tell me is that it confirms their deepest knowing, dreams and maybe even what they dare not admit to others. When you see that it’s actually written in your very hands and fingerprints, it gives you full permission to recognize yourself and empowers you to embody your fullest self.

    Why the fingerprints? (I thought it was only for criminals and forensic science?)

    Your fingerprints are unique and are an energetic topographical map of your soul.  Your fingerprints encode your life purpose, life lessons and your soul’s agenda here in “Earth University School for Souls”

    What if I don’t like my purpose? Can I change it?

    “Change of purpose not allowed” However, The truth is when the Divine Creator/G-d decreed your soul purpose, it’s exactly in alignment with your happiest, highest and best self. It’s who you are and what fulfills you.

    I’m in my late 60’s is it too late for me?

    It’s never too late – if you’re alive then it’s time. I’ve worked with many people in their 60’s and 70’s who’ve experienced the best years of their lives unfolding their purpose, mission and unique gifts in a way greater than they ever imagined.

    What about mother’s bringing up young children?

    Being a mom is a high purpose in itself and is an important chapter in your life. Your soul’s purpose will unfold when the time is right. Enjoy your motherhood while you can as it’s no small feat!

    Do some people have special gifts you can see?

    10% of people have special ‘gift markers’ in their hands. There are 17 master gift markers.  These gifts are meant to be expressed for your happiness as well as for the world.

    What’s the difference between Mission & Purpose?

    Your soul’s purpose can be expressed in this lifetime, there is an end to it. Your soul’s mission is a cause that is bigger than you and cannot be finished in one lifetime. Examples of a mission are: ending world hunger, changing the educational system, ending homelessness etc. It contributes to the growth of the consciousness of humanity and the planet. Mary Halima will help you discover your purpose AND your mission.

    How do I know if my soul’s life purpose is calling me? Or asking me to step in bigger?


    • You have a deep feeling inside you know there’s more to life
    • Your work life and your spiritual life feel like two different lives – it’s painful
    • You’d rather be doing anything else except what you’re currently doing. Or you’re tired of corporate jobs and want more freedom.
    • You’re “retired” and know there’s more to do
    • You’ve brought up your children and now it’s time for you
    • You don’t know what you wanna be when you grow up 🙂
    What makes your Life Purpose Acceleration coaching different than, say, a ‘life coach’?

    Life Purpose Acceleration coaching starts with a hand & fingerprint analysis so that you know with certainty your purpose and gifts that are written in your soul. You will also know your life lessons. Your soul lessons are the exact things that may be keeping you stuck and the exact medicine needed to help you release and clear what’s in the way and which open the doors to living the life you secretly know you’re meant to live. Just knowing your life purpose is not enough. It takes healing, courage and commitment to live it fully.
    Together we craft a customized plan and vision for your specific and heartfelt goals. Goals can include, but are not limited to: career, mission, relationship and supporting you to realize your deepest desires. Mary Halima supports you with her unique combination of practical coaching sessions, radical soul clearing sessions and assigned homework that accelerates you moving as quickly as you want. She is committed to your soul’s growth and to help you live a life of joy, happiness, health, freedom and fulfillment. fully.

    How do I actualize my soul purpose?

    When you live your soul’s purpose your life flourishes and it becomes an array of splendor. YOU BEGIN TO ENJOY:
    right livelihood – visioning & manifesting your life purpose in the world in a way that supports you on all levels
    right relationships – healing the past wounds from parents, relationships and using the life lessons to propel you forward
    right spiritual growth – learn practical tools and spiritual practices that establish you in your soul so that your life purpose unfolds effortlessly

    Can my life really change?

    In order to make change it requires these 3 things:

    1. Do something ‘out of the box’ for you! If you continue to do what you’ve always done – you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.  What could you do that will take you to the edge of your comfort zone?  That stretches you?  What have you been ‘planning’ to do?   DO IT!


    1. Do it consistently over time (once is not enough!).  For example, if you are wanting a deeper connection with the Divine/Source/Spirit then you know meditation, quiet time, prayer time doesn’t happen just once.  It takes “practice” daily over time (Why do you think they call it a spiritual ‘practice’ ?


    1. GET SUPPORT!  None of us can do it alone, sometimes it takes help!  It takes someone who’s already done what you want to manifest, a guide, a teacher, an expert, who’s traveled the road before you and can show you the way!


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