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    Mary Halima Fleming is a Life Purpose hand analyst, Soul Purpose Acceleration Coach and Sufi Spiritual Healer. Her life’s mission is to “teach, heal, and inspire those who are ready to live their lives on purpose.” Her life purpose as written in her hands and fingerprints is “Gifted Healer, Transformational Growth Catalyst and Leader carrying the Love for herself and others.”

    She maintains a full-time coaching & healing practice in Hollywood, Florida, as well as online worldwide. She travels nationwide offering spiritual healing retreats & workshops. To date, she has helped over 5,000 people to know their soul’s life purpose and set them on course for manifesting their divine destiny.

Mission Statement

“To teach, heal & inspire those who are ready to live their soul’s life purpose.”

I don’t know about you, but I was born with one question on my mind and heart…

“Who am I and what is my life’s purpose?”

Well, after trying out numerous and successful careers that included travel, art, advertising & manufacturing (to name a few), PLUS all kinds of fun tests, astrology readings, magazine quizzes, queries to the nuns and priests in school and of course, reading plenty of books on the subject – what I finally learned is this:

  • OUR LIFE PURPOSE cannot be found in the brain-mind function!  There’s no way to figure it out using our head.   And it’s not a career choice either…
  • OUR LIFE PURPOSE sits in our SOUL and it is encoded in our very fingerprints!  Imagine that!  No one ever told me!
  • So now, I’d be honored to help you get YOUR life purpose!  This will spare you years of your own searching, so that you too, can KNOW and LIVE your soul’s LIFE PURPOSE.

Core Values

    • Commitment to Excellence

      We are committed to deliver high value to our clients.
      We show up fully present, prepared and on time.

      We return phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner. We treat each other, our clients and our suppliers with respect and love.

    • Service

      One Soul Purpose is here to serve God and the Highest Good. It is our honor and privilege to support and participate in each of our client’s sacred journeys in unfolding their highest purpose.

      We serve the soul of humanity through serving one soul at a time.

    • Integrity/Self-Responsibility

      The first rule in Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements” is Be Impeccable With Your Word.

      At One Soul Purpose we commit to delivering on our word. Our word is everything. We agree to keep our word, our commitment to time and our agreements or we consciously re-negotiate with you.

      We show up in such a way that we know that we have done all that is possible to be responsible for our words and deeds. We walk our talk.

    • Freedom/Respect

      We respect each individual as a holy creation of the Divine. Each person is a sovereign being who has the power and authority over their own choices in life. Each of is called in our own way and our own timing.

      We respect that process. We understand that each person’s journey may not be our own and we allow people the freedom to make their own choices.

    • Joy/Humor

      We remember to be able to laugh at ourselves and to not take ourselves so seriously. We are perfectly imperfect beings.

      We find joy, passion and laughter as we serve. We continue to receive and fill our spirit and care for our body so that we can give generously to each other and our clients

    • Spirituality/Transformation

      Change and transformation is the way of life. We know that by changing our inner world, the outer world changes.

      We’re committed to continued self-growth and spiritual transformation to receive more Light & Love. As we grow and transform so do our clients.

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