Today marks the last day in Wichita on my national “Get Your Purpose” Tour, where I read many pairs of hands, including the hand of a beautiful 4 1/2 year old girl. It’s fascinating to think about how ingrained our soul’s true purpose is in our every fiber.

Artist in the Spotlight
Artist in the Spotlight

This young budding child’s purpose is what we call “Artist in the Spotlight.” Her highest calling is to shine in the spotlight living her passions!

Becoming Emotionally Authentic

How will this blossom effortlessly you ask? Well, by working and progressing through her life lesson.  In her case, it is through learning to be “emotionally authentic.”

Heal the Heart

At this young age of 4-1/2 her heart line shows deep wounding already. The best advice I can give her parents is to help this beautiful child to be able to express herself emotionally, so her heart can heal. Help her to not stuff her feelings and to know there as many feelings as there are keys on a piano. Help her to play all the ‘keys’ not just ‘chopsticks”

This way she will be aware of her feelings and know what her passions are. She will feel fabulous in the spotlight and people will resonate with her fully-authentic self shining forth!

As we grow up, experiences we have in the world cause us to shut down and close the door on many of our greatest passions and true loves. In searching for our true meaning as adults, most of us find we have to undo the negative patterns and re-define our beliefs about what it means to exist and follow our hearts.

A World On Purpose…

Imagine if mothers and fathers could support their child’s highest Soul Purpose and especially supporting their Life Lessons? If you knew what your child was brought on this planet to do, would it change how you communicated with him or her? What about your choice of school or the activities you supported?

I invite you to consider exploring your child’s life purpose as you explore your own for today and future generations!

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