Do you love yourself?  Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror (really look) and pinch your cheeks and say out loud to yourself “I LOVE YOU” ???  Do you know who you are?  (How does my asking this question make you feel?)

Yes, we are spirits in a body – so what about this body?   EMOTIONS are a master key to a healthy body and the key to knowing and living our PASSIONS!Image  We are sentient beings with a wide range of emotions that need to be felt and expressed.

Emotions are our tuning fork to know how we’re doing!  Emotionally authentic people are passionate people, free people and healthy people.

Are you able to feel and express a full range of emotions?  Or do you tend to stuff your feelings?   Were you taught it’s ok to express some feelings and not others?   Do you think some emotions are ‘bad’?

The truth is there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ emotions.  Emotions are the flow of life and research shows that stuffed feelings buried ‘alive’ actually cause disease!

Your body is 70% water, our planet is also 70% water and water flows – the tide comes in, the tide goes out – sometimes it is calm, sometimes it is turbulent.

The masterful human being is able to feel the feeling (whatever it is) in the moment, express it appropriately and let it go (tide in – tide out).

When you are emotionally free this opens your soul and your passion.  For example, if your life purpose is to be a singer, being emotionally free helps you shine more and connects you with your audience as well as yourself – there’s a BIG difference between listening to a singer who is technically proficient versus a singer that is singing both technically sound and is also connecting and expressing emotionally!

 Love is the bridge between you and everything – Rumi

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