Did you ever stop to consider that God, Spirit, the Universe is constantly transmitting unconditional LOVE?   I see this all the time in the Life Purpose readings I do.  God is constantly saying,

“I love you, you first my love, I want YOU to be healed, saved, served and happy before you help others.”

Heal thyself first…there’s an ocean of love waiting to greet you…one way to remember this is to take quiet time and enjoy the beauty in Nature, just sit quietly and LISTEN to the still small voice and you’ll recieve all the ‘downloads’ you need.

Everything is inside you but you must remember and re-fill your well daily.   As you fill yourself with an infinite overflowing abundance of love, peace or wisdom you then give from that overflowing cup from the Divine.  Ahhhh…when you give from the Infinite there’s no way to get burnt out or taken advantage of…

Whether it’s money, time or your energy the Sufis say: 

If you want to be generous, it is good to be rich!

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