Did you know that in real life Donna Reed wrote, cast, produced AND starred in the show, not to mention  it was her creative vision to show America what a happy home life could be….AND she was married and had 4 children at home and managed to look great too…phfew!

I’ve met men and women “Donna Reeds” – the one’s that can do it all!  That’s the ‘up’ side but we have to ask…is Donna getting her needs met?

Many of the men and women “Donna’s” I’ve met done readings and healings for are either worn out, being taken advantage of, haven’t had a pay raise in years or all of the above!  And they just don’t understand why everyone else isn’t like them?

“Donna’s” are 5 steps ahead of everyone and intuitively know what others need before even they do….no one ever has to ask “Donna” what needs to be done.     What “Donna” needs to know is that she (unlike everybody else) has to learn to ASK FOR WHAT SHE NEEDS!


Are YOU a Donna Reed? Do you dislike having to ask (especially emotionally) for what you need?

When people look at you (especially spouses) do they feel you don’t need anyone – that they suspect you would be fine living alone?

Does your boss assume you’ll work overtime without having to ask you?

Get the picture?!

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