• Spiritual Intentions for the New Year? A reminder from the Chesire cat!

    “Cheshire Puss,’ she began, rather timidly, as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider. `Come, it’s pleased so far,’ thought Alice, and she went on. `Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ ‘That depends a good deal […]

  • Anyone remember the Donna Reed Show?

    Did you know that in real life Donna Reed wrote, cast, produced AND starred in the show, not to mention  it was her creative vision to show America what a happy home life could be….AND she was married and had 4 children at home and managed to look great too…phfew! I’ve met men and women […]

  • An ocean of love awaits you!

    Did you ever stop to consider that God, Spirit, the Universe is constantly transmitting unconditional LOVE?   I see this all the time in the Life Purpose readings I do.  God is constantly saying, “I love you, you first my love, I want YOU to be healed, saved, served and happy before you help others.” Heal […]

  • Where are you searching?

    “Everything is inside you..I want every student to know his heart well, to know the truth of himself, to see inside his soul.” (from “Music of the Soul” by Sidi Al-Jamal) We search our hearts, but sometimes we missing searching for the soul.  All the secrets are in the heart of your soul. Your soul […]

  • Everything is in the hands

    Our fingerprints are an energetic topographical map of our soul’s life purpose and life lessons. God, Source, Divine Light, Higher Power – however you frame it…gave us a map; a blueprint on our hands and fingerprints which can be can be deciphered. You are a unique creation of the Divine Source that embedded you with […]

  • What IS a life purpose?

    Your life purpose is written in your very soul and is encoded in your unique fingerprints before you were born! It is who you ARE and it matches your heart’s desires, dreams and wishes. When fully expressed and unfolded, you have a reason for living. It’s when you’re living life ‘in the zone’ – you […]