Julia Cameron wrote an incredible book that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to further their spiritual growth or gain insight and clarity on their path to discovering their Divine Soul Purpose.  You can buy the book at a used bookstore or directly from Amazon. Click here for more info on Julia Cameron.

Although The Artist’s Way has been a world-wide phenomenon, it it still a greatly kept secret to many!  Cameron recommends a powerful technique known as the “Morning Pages.”

I invite you to get yourself a lined notebook and a pen and every morning (before you get busy and the mind gets going) – you simply write 3 pages a day for 6-8 weeks. No one is going to read this but you – and you will only do so at the end of the 6-8 weeks.

Simply start writing in a stream of consciousness kind of way….write whatever comes to you – just write – even if you’re only writing “I can’t believe I have to write three pages!” Again, do this every day (ideally in the morning) for 6-8 weeks and then read back what you wrote at the end. You will be amazed AND your life will already have shifted!

The Morning Pages is actually a very holy manifesting technique.  How does it work? Well, your life purpose is already written in your soul and this writing long-hand is a way to uncover it. Your hands are connected to the heart and the heart is connected to the soul and the process of writing bypasses the brain and connects to that deeper place where all the answers sit.

This process works anytime you want to shift your life.

From corporate to dream business owner

For example, I was working in a miserable corporate job in NYC, wearing a business suit and pumps everyday and I had just had it! I knew there was something more I was supposed to be doing, yet I couldn’t figure out what that was…So, out of desperation I tried writing my three pages a day. Well, I did the process for 6 weeks and read back to what I had written….what a shock I had!

I totally don’t recall writing this – but there it was on the page – I had written the following:

“I think I’m a healer, I want to find a spiritual teacher (if there’s even one out there for me), I want to live in Florida and I want a direct connection with God – I want to pick up the phone and have God on the other end – no 1010220 (remember those phone ads?), no middleman……….”

So imagine my surprise as I realized – WOW! I’m already living in Florida, I met a spiritual teacher, I’m enrolled in a healing school and I’ve found the Sufi path (or it found me) and the Sufi path is about have a direct connection with God (no guru, priest or middle-man) – everything I asked for and wrote about had appeared already in my life – and here’s the best part – I did NOT make it happen, I didn’t plan it – it magically all happened, unfolded miraculously!

This process works! Try it and see!

Send me an email to knowyour@onesoulpurpose.com and let me know your experience.

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