Soul Purpose Archetype: Person of Influence

Fired from three jobs in a row, What’s up?

Soul Purpose - Power of Inflence

The life purpose archetype of the “Leader, Boss, High Achiever and Master of Power” (aka: Person of Influence)  has been showing up a lot lately.   The Leader archetype comes in different flavors, but generally speaking they have high ambition, love acting independently,  and have vision and goals.

This person needs to be the president, the mayor, in charge of an organization or project, the quarterback of the football team and is wired to take charge and take credit for the success or failure of whatever field or position they’re in.

One woman with this life purpose (and who had several supporting gift markers to boot) had recently been fired from three jobs!  She felt like something was wrong with her and felt defeated.  As we reviewed her hand analysis and talked about it she realized that she was fired because she wasn’t the boss!  She was in the wrong position for all three jobs.

Furthermore, her last boss had even told her that during the exit interview. Aaah, that explains everything , she’s not so bad afterall.  She now knows she needs to find work that suits her soul and is in alignment with who she’s wired to be.

Moral of the story:

If it’s written in your soul and fingerprints that you’re designed to be the boss, the leader, the Master of Power AND when you’re able to express that in your life, your career or your volunteer work – that is what is going to make you happy, feel fulfilled! You can get paid for it and everyone’s happy.  You’re doing what you do best.  People see you as a leader and they are happy to support you, your vision and your direction

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