Wisdom of the Unknown

Load the ship and set out. No one knows for certain whether the vessel will sink or reach the harbor. Cautious people say, “I’ll do nothing until I can be sure.” Merchants know better. If you do nothing, you lose. Don’t be one of those merchants who won’t risk the ocean.  – Rumi

Are you deeply wise, have a good intellect and often exercise great brain power? 

However – you don’t always  ACT ON WHAT YOU KNOW? Can you feel the fear and do it any way?

School of Wisdom - Hand AnalysisYou may in 3-5% of people majoring in the Soul’s Agenda called the

School of Wisdom.

Your soul is being called to “Jump in” JUST DO IT!  It is not enough for you to ‘know’ ‘think’ and analyze – it’s about ACTING on what you know – and being a full participant in this game of life.  You are here to learn through doing, experiencing and learning to enjoy the process of unfolding and learning to trust the wisdom of the unknown.

OBJECTIVE: ACT on what you know…. move from analyzing, evaluating, or reliance on the brain/mind and instead move into ACTION even if we don’t know the end game

Maybe you prefer to analyze, compare, make lists of the pros and cons and generally prefer to have a perfect plan before moving? The fact is that it’s okay to ‘plan’ SO LONG AS you’re not relying solely on your mind-brain as a way of not stepping into the game, or as a way to insulate yourself from others or from life itself?   You need to move from being an observer of life to being actively engaged.

MOTTO: “Just Do It”

Jump in!  What are you waiting for? Feel the fear and do it anyway!

The key is simply to make a beginning…and then ‘course correct,’ set your compass and re-adjust for the winds of change.

It will lead you to places you would never have experienced otherwise…

It’s time to release any ‘perfectionist’ tendencies that hold you back from jumping in head first.

We are perfectly imperfect and only the Divine is perfect!

When we trust in the Divine we are given wings of courage.

ENJOY the process – you’re being challenged to gain insight through EXPERIENCE, to step out of the observer mode and to RISK being alive. What you will find through this risking is that God/Spirit/Universe will take you places greater than you could ever have imagined or ‘planned’!

It’s about being vulnerable to loss or failure, about putting yourself fully in – showing up and learning through the ‘doing’ learning through the participation and engagement.

You can read a book about sex; however you know you don’t know anything until you actually experience it cellularly! It’s the same with life 🙂