“It’s All In Your Hands”

Your Life Purpose & Unique Gifts are encoded in your unique fingerprints.  Mary Halima deciphers these lines that are so important in defining who you are at your core.  After the reading is complete, you will receive an MP3 which includes:

  • Your Soul’s Life PurposeLife Purpose Hand Analysis Reading
  • Your Soul’s Agenda
  • Your Soul’s Life Lessons
  • Additional information on any gift markings or lines in your palms that may influence and expand your Life Purpose and/or Life Lessons

Mary’s readings are based on the Lifeprints Systems developed by Richard Unger at the International Institute of Hand Analysis in California.

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“Personalized guidance on your path…”LIFE PURPOSE ACCELERATION COACHING

What are your next steps? – What’s your plan?

  • Do you need support to vision your new passion?
  • Do you want to vision a career as a vehicle to express your purpose?
  • Are you yearning to step into a greater service mission to help the planet?

Once you know your purpose…
the next step is to EMBRACE IT and LIVE IT

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“A Year Long Personal Intensive”MANIFEST YOUR DIVINE DESTINY

During this year long program you will transform the areas of your life that have not been an expression of your deepest potential.

  • You’ll put the pieces in place for personal fulfillment , right livelihood and right relationships.
  • You’ll begin to live the life you secretly know you’re meant to live.

Your Divine Destiny is manifested in a way that brings you joy, happiness, holiness, health and freedom.

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