Life Purpose Acceleration Coaching

What are your next steps? – What’s your plan?
Do you need support to vision your new passion?

  • Do you want to vision a career as a vehicle to express your purpose?
  • Are you yearning to step into a greater service mission to help the planet?

Once you KNOW your purpose…
the next step is to EMBRACE IT and LIVE IT

Embracing your purpose will ignite your passion!

Embracing and living your grand design is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process of recognizing your life lessons or patterns that are keeping you stuck. It’s being willing to heal and release the patterns of self-sabotage, unhealthy boundaries, self-sacrifice, powerlessness or whatever your particular soul patterns are that are holding you back. These patterns are exactly what your soul needs to unlock your life purpose and is the catalyst that will jump start your highest life purpose and passion. There are no mistakes.

When you are living your purpose, your life becomes an array of splendor and you enjoy right relationships, right livelihood, your dreams begin to manifest and you’re more passionate about life.

Embracing and living the truth of your Divine self requires support

In order to make lasting change it requires three things:

  1. unlock your life purpose3Doing something out of the box for you – stretching yourself
  2. Doing it over time
  3. Getting support

Mary Halima’s passion is to help you not only KNOW your purpose but to EMBRACE it so that you canLIVE IT and express it in the world. Her unique combination of hand analysis knowledge, coaching skills and spiritual healing tools, offers you a profound way to clear what’s in the way or keeping you stuck or not believing the truth of your greatest life. At the same time she is holding the certainty of who you are for you and being the container for you to embrace, believe and stand in the light of your Divine Purpose and Destiny.

Each person has a unique destiny and journey to unfold.

Life Purpose Acceleration Coaching

  • Laser Breakthrough
    Coaching Session

    One-time Session

    A single, focused breakthrough coaching session is great if you have one very specific challenge to address, or need more clarity with specific goals.

    One 60-75 minute coaching/healing session by phone or Zoom.

    Free email follow-up support for one week

    Investment – $350

    Register Here

  • 30-Day Immersion
    Acceleration Coaching

    30-Day Support for
    Specific Goal

    Do you have a specific goal, challenge, or are feeling stuck and need support? If you just need quick help to move through any blocks or issues that have come up. Mary Halima is all about results, let’s get you back on track!

    Four 60-75 minute coaching/healing sessions by phone or Zoom.

    Unlimited priority e-mail for 30 days.

    Weekly 15 minute phone check-ins for first 30 days

    Investment – $997

    Register Here

  • 90-Day Immersion

    90-Day Coaching/
    Healing Support

    A 90-day commitment to YOURSELF. This immersion is for you if you are in transition, want to create a new life, livelihood, or need extra help healing tough or long-held life patterns of lost self-worth, powerlessness, outworn habits of not being seen or heard, and whatever is holding you back from living and expressing your divine destiny fully and with passion.

    Nine 90 minute coaching/healing sessions for 90 days by phone or Zoom.

    UNLIMITED 15-minute phone check-ins for 90 days from date of contract.

    A previous Hand Analysis reading with Mary Halima is a pre-requisite for this Package unless otherwise agreed upon.

    Investment – $2997

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What’s your dream?

Do you want to vision a career as a vehicle to express your purpose? Or maybe you are yearning to step into a greater service mission to help the planet? And maybe it’s time to create that bucket list of all the places and things you’ve always been meaning to do. There are infinite ways to express your purpose in the world. It’s your choice!

Common Questions

  • How are the sessions conducted?

    Prior to our appointment we will set up a phone or Skype call for your session.

    What are some common issues addressed?

    The most common challenges that are stopping people from embracing and living their purpose are doubt and lost self-worth, self-sabotaging and not recognizing their own value because they are comparing themselves to others.

    What makes you different than a life coach or other coaches?

    Accelerated and lasting transformation and reaching your personal outer as well as inner goals is the focus.  Mary Halima’s coaching skills and tools keep you focused, on track as well as clears and releases the core issues or patterns that are holding you back. As Mary likes to say – this work saves you years of therapy.  The clearing method she uses is gentle, quick and profoundly life-changing.

  • Do you record the sessions?

    Your initial hand analysis reading session and any life purpose update sessions are recorded. The recording is then emailed to you in an MP3 format within 48 hours of your session. The recording lasts a lifetime. It is recommended to listen to the recording at least a couple of times, to really integrate all of the information provided.

    Why do I need a life purpose hand analysis session first?

    The hand analysis session confirms who you are,  what you are here to express, your unique gifts and your specific life lessons or core patterns. It is written in your soul and a deep recognizable transmission that you will come to embrace and live.  The reading is a perfect starting point that accelerates you moving forward with certainty.