I wonder if you’re like me?  I came into the world asking anyone who’d listen….”What’s my purpose and why am I here?”    I asked my parents, the priests and the teachers at school for years and basically received one of two answers:  “you’re too young to be asking that”  OR  “you’re here to know, love and serve God”  ok – so what does that mean I wondered?

Well,  40  years and 22 careers later – I’ve finally found my purpose!  I know it, I’m living it and it’s getting better and more expansive every day   So how did it happen?

I’ve learned many things  in my long journey to my soul’s life purpose:

Your life purpose sits in your soul and cannot be accessed from your brain.  It’s more than a career

For years I tried finding my life purpose from using my thought process.  I read books about it.  I tried to access through careers and jobs.  I’d say to myself I enjoy travel – so I worked for an airline.  I enjoyed great travels but never scratched my soul.   I like people – so I tried sales.  I like art – so I tried working in an art gallery – again – didn’t’ do it for me.  This thought process went on for years. You get the picture? I had many jobs and careers over the years, acquired many skills but still it wasn’t the answer to my deep yearning to know who I was and what is my purpose?

Something inside kept gnawing at me I had this feeling that wouldn’t go away, this sense that I just   know there’s something else I ‘should’ be doing– there just has to be me more to life than this?   I now know that, that this feeling was my soul calling me (or maybe even I could say that, it was the Divine egging me on to not stop, to not be satisfied with what the world offered?)

My deep prayers were answered. After many years of varied careers, and while living the high life in the big city, a friend suggested I do the “morning pages’ process which is one of the tools in the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron.  It’s a practice where you write 3 pages a day stream of consciousness for 6-8 weeks in the morning and then read back what you wrote at the end of the 8 weeks.   I was at the end of my rope and out of desperation – I tried the process.  At the end of the weeks I read back what I had written and there it was on the page!  I had written “I think I’m a healer, I want to find a spiritual teacher, I want a direct connection with God (no intermediary) and I want to live in Florida”     It was AMAZING!  The amazing thing was when I was reading this (which I had written 6-1/2 weeks earlier) I was now already living in Florida, I had by ‘coincidence’ stumbled upon and attended a workshop with Ibrahim Jaffe and was introduced to the sufi path (which about having a direct connection with the Divine!)  and found the  Jaffe Institute ‘healing school” (now the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism)

I was ‘home’. I leapt for joy and jumped into the sufi ‘healing school’ I didn’t waitI had been searching for too long.   I was ‘home’.   Through the support and teachings at the school, I’ve found a way to unlock my soul, to unleash my gifts and to live from the ‘inside’ out. My brain is now connected to my heart and soul and I have something very real to offer people.   The sufi healing and counseling techniques saves them years of therapy!  I can help people to know their life purpose AND help those who are ready to actually live it!  (www.LifePurposeAccelerator.com)   I’m on a never-ending journey and it keeps getting better all the time!

As my spiritual guide/teacher likes to quote:

“Why do you think you are a small star when the whole universe is inside you?”

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