Each of us are encoded with our soul’s life purpose AND our particular LIFE LESSONS.  They are the patterns that seem to show up regularly (low self-worth, repeated bad relationships, money issues etc).  The good news is the lessons we’ve been given are EXACTLY what we need to learn so that our life purpose can manifest exponentially!

The moment we embrace our  life lessons is the very second they transform in to gifts, strengths and wisdom.  They’re the doorways that open you to a place inside your soul that needs more growth, more wisdom, more love, more compassion, more strength…more of who you really are.

See you came in to this life in this school of hard knocks, trial and error, called “Earth University,” which is school for souls.  For me, it’s very freeing to think of myself and each of us as students in school, all at varying degrees of education – all reaching for our PhD’s 🙂

When you see yourself as a student, you’re no longer a victim of circumstance, tragedy or time.  You’re a soul student – in training.  Grace shifts the soul and we can welcome the trials and tribulations.  We can look the world in the eye and be more gentle with ourselves and others.

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