While it’s helpful to know your soul’s life purpose – it is an AMAZING feeling to live it, express it and manifest it to the maximum potential.  You wake up in the morning excited, ready to greet the day!  You’re either beginning to, or are already living the life your secretly know you’re meant to live.  A life of joy, happiness, health, holiness, freedom and fulfillment!

When you’re living your soul’s life purpose you are enjoying;

right livelihood-

where you are expressing your life’s purpose in the world that supports you on all levels.  It’s in alignment with all parts of you.

right relationship – you’re continuing to heal any past hurts and patterns no longer useful and using life’s lessons to propel you forward


right spiritual growth

– you’re loving your daily spiritual practices, opening and living a heart-centered life and using self-healing tools that establish you in your soul so that your life purpose unfolds effortlessly through the flow of Divine guidance and abundance

FRIENDLY REMINDER:  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are encoded for success and it’s written in our very soul and fingerprints before we were born.

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