“Everything is inside you..I want every student to know his heart well, to know the truth of himself, to see inside his soul.” (from “Music of the Soul” by Sidi Al-Jamal)

We search our hearts, but sometimes we missing searching for the soul.  All the secrets are in the heart of your soul.

Your soul is 70,000 times bigger than your body- it’s expansive, spacious and beyond the everyday life.  It’s inside your heart center and is more connected to the Divine than your personality or ego.  Our soul’s are connected to each other through the Divine connection.  It’s close to what Carl Jung calls the Collective Unconscious, but it’s more than this concept.

Our soul carries our life purpose both individually and collectively. It contains several generations of ancestral, cultural, religious, gender and ethnic ‘history’ that we come here to wash or clean.  Whether or not you think or feel connected to your ancestors, or religious background – this information is there.

Your soul was born into that particular consciousness.  This ‘stuff’ is what we came to purify for ourselves and for the evolvement of humanity.  It’s what we call in Hand-speak our “Soul’s Agenda” in “Earth University School for Souls.”

Each religion, culture, ethnic background has certain belief systems that have a deep influence on each of us – some are helpful and some are not.  Look inside you. Become aware of the influences…has the religion taught you that it’s better to give and you’ve forgotten to receive?  Has your ethnic background taught you to not express your emotions?  Has your DNA history made you think you cannot be healed?

We should not blame our parents, culture, religion, ethnic or DNA background – these are places to look for YOU – it is EXACTLY what YOU need to learn in Earth University so that YOUR SOUL can evolve and so that YOUR SOUL can begin to FULLY EXPRESS YOUR LIFE PURPOSE!

It is a gift!  These things are some of your course material here in what I like to call Earth University – the school for souls.

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