Your Life Purpose is written in your soul before you were born. It is written in your soul AND it is encoded in your very fingerprints! You are a unique creation of the Divine Source that imbued you with a particular fragrance and a unique mixture of special qualities and talents.

sky-1Our Soul’s Life Purpose is exactly in alignment with our deepest desires and passions. It’s what we love to do, we’re good at it and it comes naturally. When we’re on it – life is beautiful – we’re in the zone and we jump out of bed ready to great the day. It’s more than a career although it can be expressed through the vehicle of your work.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all souls here attending “Earth University School for Souls.”

You are a spiritual being living in a dense body that is here to REMEMBER who you are as a manifestation and spark of the Divine Light. You’re here as an expression of the Divine in this world shining your light (life purpose) and evolving your soul (life lessons).

Because your Life Purpose sits in your Soul – it cannot be found through the mind, or the logical brain.

“What are you searching for? Search for your heart, the heart of your soul. All the secrets are in the heart of your soul. Everything is inside you. You have many hearts, yet all these are one. I want every student to know his heart well, to know the truth of himself, to see inside his soul” (from Music of the Soul-Sidi Al-Jamal)

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