Each of us are encoded with a MISSION.  We are here to perform a specific work, service or task that is bigger than us. It contributes to the growth of the consciousness of humanity and the planet.

Your mission, work or goal is the deepest part of you. Your particular mission is the one in your heart of hearts you feel ‘destined’ to do or accomplish – it’s your ‘calling’ or your passion.

Here’s a question for you:

Utilizing your natural talents, passions and beliefs, how could you serve and help people, animals, plants, the environment or planet?

Pay attention to the themes of your conversations…are you here to ‘save the whales’?

Teach the children?

Educate parents?

Heal the environment?

Speak the truth to power?

I would love to hear what you feel your mission is.  Please feel free to email me at knowyour@onesoulpurpose.com and we can connect!

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