Your soul carries the healing for yourself & humanity!

The soul is 70,000 times bigger than your body – it’s expansive, spacious, deep and beyond the everyday. It’s subtle and more closely connected to the Divine Light of the Creator that sits inside you.

It includes what Carl Jung calls the Collective Unconscious. It contains our Life Purpose and it also contains at least 7-10 generations of information that we came here to clean. Information that’s in our DNA, in our ancestral history, our ethnic background, our cultural background, our gender’s history and our religious history phfew!

Whether or not you think you are connected to it – this deep history is in our soul and has impact on us in the here and now even if you may not be conscious of it!

We were each born into the exact family, DNA history, gender and ethnic background that is perfect for our soul’s growth and purpose. This ‘stuff’ is what we came here to clean, purify, re-wire for ourselves and for the evolvement of the soul of humanity. It’s our Soul’s agenda. It’s our opportunity to know the truth of who we are and who we are NOT.

For example, let’s take a look at the messages and misbeliefs that we carry and can release:

DNA– we think nothing of saying ‘heart disease runs in my family, my father had it, my grandfather had it and his father etc etc. So what we’re really saying is – on a soul level our spirit was born into this family – no mistake – we are connected to this pattern at a soul level and there’s no accident we are placed here. AND WE can stop this pattern with us!.
Through whatever soul and spiritual practices or path you choose – you do not have to be fated to heart disease – just because they had it.

As you may know, most disease happens on a soul level before it shows up on the outer level of the body. Therefore, for some reason YOUR soul needs to learn about heart disease and the lessons of the heart. Maybe it’s about learning to love yourself, issues around receiving love for example, so that’s why you were placed in that soul group or family. Again, it’s not a ‘given’ that you get the disease, in fact your can be the one to stop the pattern in the lineage by doing your spiritual work, learning about love and working on your soul’s life lessons which you were assigned and which are written in your fingerprints

As it says in the holy book:
“Allah (God/The Divine/The One) does not allow any disease without also having a cure for it – the only thing there is no cure for is death”

So part of our soul’s agenda is to clean the patterns we’re given/assigned to clean/clear.

EXERCISE to help you to uncover any misbeliefs, labels, patterns that will help you to unveil your soul and the truth of who you are:

Health/DNA – write down some of your family’s sayings around health and disease, what diseases are prevalent in your family? Heart, kidneys, cancer, alcoholism etc. Again, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get those diseases – but –energetically – what is the energy or the misbeliefs or patterns behind the disease that you might be here to learn about? Hint: It serves as a clue to your life’s lessons around love, self-worth, fear, unforgiveness etc.

Religion – Whether or not you are practicing that religion now, your soul may be carrying the imprint and patterns of that religion you were born into or that your ancestors practiced.

For example, I was born into the Catholic religion. My soul and my being carried pictures or misbeliefs around who God is and what it means to be a human. Issues around worthiness, original sin (born ‘bad’), and thinking or being told that the purpose of life was to come here to suffer and sacrifice.

Ok – so what messages did you receive from your religious background? Take a moment to notice, jot down or think about for a minute. Sacrifice, Scarcity or maybe Poverty? Poverty as in you have to be poor to get into Heaven? Guilt, Suffering, Unworthiness, all work and no play etc etc

These are deep things in our souls that need to be cleaned and transformed and that may be preventing us from living our highest purpose, passion and joy!

Re-wired for success!
As we clean these pieces our soul actually gets re-wired for success and allows more light and time for our Purpose and Passion. Because, guess what? If you have deep feelings of unworthiness (or “I’m not enough”) chances are you’re not going to leap into the spotlight shining your light and expressing your purpose – right? Or if you have a deep misbelief that you ‘should’ be poor in order to be ‘saved’ it will hold unconsciously hold you back.

Important note: I am in no way am saying we should blame our parents, our culture, our ethnic background – what I am saying is: this is a place to look for YOU – there are no mistakes where each of us is born – which family, which DNA inheritance, which ethnic, cultural and religious background we were born into…it is EXACTLY what YOU needed to learn in Earth University so that YOUR SOUL can evolve and so that your soul can begin to FULLY EXPRESS YOUR SOUL’s LIFE PURPOSE!

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