Your fingerprints are formed at 16 weeks in utero!  That’s 5 months before you’re even born.  Your fingerprints are a  an energetic topographical imprint of your soul.   It’s your soul that carries your soul’s agenda, your life purpose, your life lesson(s) and what you came to learn and express here in “Earth University School for Souls”

Soul purpose

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life.
Therein he cannot be replaced nor can his life be repeated.
Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.”
– Viktor Frankl

Interestingly, the Sufi cosmology says similarly that at the same time – sixteen weeks in utero   – the angels carry the spirit (or the ruh) to be joined with the physical and at that time   (the same time the fingerprints are formed)–   there comes the order from God, (Source, Creator, Divine Love) to the angels to write in the persons book of Life what is decreed for that person “ Write down his provision, his action and his life-span Then He breathes from His Divine spirit into him”

“Then at the fourth month Allah (God/Source) sends an angel. The angel carries the person within his hands, and the angel asks his Creator if the piece of flesh (in utero) is shaped and formed yet. At this point Allah will answer and the angel receives the answer from the Allah/God/Creator. Allah confirms that it’s already formed and shaped. Then the angel starts to write the person’s life term, whether it will be male or female, and the provision that it will be given during his or her lifetime. The angel writes all of these things and then writes the deeds this individual will do. This is the decree of Allah, The Most High. Look at the creation. It’s so accurate, so precise, beautiful and perfect. (from “The Religion of Unity”, the Message of Peace, Love, Mercy Justice and Freedom, Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al Jamal ar Rifa’i ash-Shadhuli)

Fingerprint fun fact:

It is impossible to find one fingerprint that resembles another. Every fingerprint is unique. The number of lines in the fingerprint is equal to the number of arteries in the human body. Every artery feeds one line in that finger. Each line follows an artery. What a magnificent creation we are!

This is why I love the science of hand analysis so much!  It is an honor and privilege to share the exquisite beauty of each persons divine blueprint with them.  What a joy when I get to remind them of their magnificence and to help them find their special task, mission and passion.

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