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It is a privilege to have been a part of the journey of more then 3500 lives.

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Thank you so much for our session today. You helped me a lot.
I felt like I was drowning…
It helped so much to be reminded that I do have gifts.
And it wasn’t just that you said it, it was that I could feel the light when you spoke of these things and when you prayed. Your container of light helped me to feel the “trueness” and helped me feel there is hope. That this difficult time can be an opportunity for things in my life to be put even more right and be even more fulfilling.

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Thank you for meeting with me, it was so enlightening. I am truly grateful for the message you shared, I now feel at peace with what I was suspecting but wasn’t confident in what I felt. You’ve helped me understand and for that I am more than grateful. I have been practicing and I have to share that above all the qigong exercises I’ve learned the sufi meditation you taught me has left a lasting impact. I truly love the time I spend now, a work in progress. Thank you again,

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You might smile to know that the day you did the healing with me. My mentor actually read chapter 1-3 and stated, “Wow, it is turning into a tour de force”.

That night I went to take my son James out to dinner. While sitting in the car to pick him up, my son Brad actually came to the window and spoke to me for the first time in nearly 3 years.

I would say these were two amazing and immediate results of the healing session you gave me!

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Thanks as always for your loving ways during my phone healing session. I am always amazed at the incredible results I receive long distance! I can’t believe that after our last session my husband phoned just to say hi!

We hadn’t spoken during the day in weeks. It was obvious that the clearing I had done in the session directly resulted in a positive influence in my relationship with him. We were light hearted and even laughed for the first time in a long time! What a difference since he had been sleeping on the couch for the last 4 nights!!!Many blessings to you and for what you do. Peace.

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“Your life purpose healing intensive workshop was Amazing! You had read my hands before and told me that I was a gifted healer but I didn’t really believe it.

Now I KNOW I’m a healer and I’ve taken action – I have my business cards, I’ve started classes for my Medical QiGong certification and I am already giving healings! WOW! I know my life purpose now AND I’m LIVING it!”

This was a life-changing and fun workshop…Thank You so much.!!! You’re amazing!

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Hello, sending you a heart-felt hello. I wanted to express my gratitude for the beautiful session you gave me.

You really are a huge part of my Soul’s awakening process…Since then so many beautiful and intense things have happened.

In regards to My Life Lesson of: Surrendering My Heart to Another in Relationships…I have been catapulted into a Soul Connection!

I am in love, and it is beautiful…I feel that through this relationship I will truly begin to understand and live my Life Lesson which will then open me my Soul’s Purpose.

I am doing my best to fulfill my God given Destiny, and I just wanted to let you know that you are forever a part of my journey and that I keep you close to my heart. I will keep you posted on all the joy in my life. 🙂

P.S: You are amazing at what you do!

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Each of us journeys according to our Soul’s Purpose and too often we get sidetracked from that Purpose or we find it impossible to believe it could be what we think it might be. I say this since I have done both – side-stepped away from my purpose and essentially gone not possible that it could be my dream fulfilled.

Today, I had the privilege of a Soul Purpose Reading with Mary Halima Fleming. I found myself inspired to follow my dream and to step up to take responsibility for doing the work I came here to do.

What a delightful experience to meet someone who is as experienced as Mary who works with the physical to translate the metaphysical into understanding one’s purpose.

For all of you who have wondered what your Soul’s Purpose for being here is, please find time to get a reading with Mary to gain insights into yourself which will help you on your journey.

With honor, love, and respect, I thank you Mary Hailma for your Soul Purpose Reading today and it’s call to me to take Action. I am transformed.

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